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Our Story

At Tattva Handmade, we specialize in the art of pottery or ceramics, which is an art form that involves all five elements. By achieving the perfect balance of these elements, we create unique and exquisite handcrafted products that reflect the beauty and essence of nature. We take pride in our minimalist approach to creating each product, which ensures that every piece is made with a perfect balance of the five elements.

We want people to appreciate not only the product, but the hard work of the skilled artisans that goes into making our products, thereby promoting the artisans who work with us.  We aim to help the artisans sustain the knowledge of transforming a lump of clay to a work-of-art, and help pass it on to the next generation. 

Our handmade ceramics are one-of-a-kind, as no two pieces of the same shape are exactly the same. Each product holds within itself the feel of Mother Earth, and by using them, you can truly experience the essence and beauty of nature. At Tattva Handmade, we strive to create products that are not only beautiful but also connect you to the natural world and enrich your life.