Tattva handmade is based on two ideologies

 Celebrate Life Everyday


Respect for Handcrafted Products  

The beauty of using handmade products is that you will enjoy these only once you start using them. The texture of the handmade products holds within itself the feel of Mother Earth. At Tattva Handmade, we aim to get you in touch with this feeling.

   We want people to appreciate not only the product, but the hard work of the skilled artisans that goes into making our products, thereby promoting the artisans who work with us.  We aim to help the artisans sustain the knowledge of transforming a lump of clay to a work-of-art, and help pass it on to the next generation.  

Nature has always been an inspiration specially when it comes to design and its character. Our products are designed keeping in mind nature's wide and varied form, different texture and colours, form and shapes.